The Power of Perspective - Seeing Beyond What You See

One of the most powerful tools we have in life is not money, connections, prestige or status.  It is my belief that your perspective is much more potent than anything aforementioned.  When we consider perspective it is the ability to see things, people, scenarios, circumstances and challenges beyond what is visible on the surface.  In its application it can be demonstrated positively or negatively depending upon the mentality of the individual. 

One of the most powerful lessons that I have learned is the power of perspective.  In listening to a podcast from Gary Vaynerchuck.  He spoke on the potency of regret.  Using a trip in which he volunteered his time at a senior assisted living facility.  In conversation with some of residents he uncovered something very special.  Whenever ever they spoke about something they were not able to pursue, accomplish or even try - there would be a look of deep regret on their faces.  Gary said, "You could see the feeling of regret in their eyes."  In that moment, Gary said, "I never want to experience that feeling."  

Life is not like Jumanji, you don't get multiple tries to beat the game.  There is no reincarnation, regeneration or redo.  Once life has been exhausted, it's over.  Life is but for a brief moment, a few sunrises and then it's over.  I ask you this question, what will you do with the life that you have left?  Take an inventory of your life up to this point.  Where are you in light of the goals you set?  Are you headed in the direction you expected to be going in?  Can you see beyond your setbacks?  Are you able to endure a season of closed doors?  What are you doing to kick doors open?  Do you have the right voices around you?  Do you have the infrastructure to handle where you are looking to go?

Today, I challenge you to understand that your perspective has the power to shift your current and future reality.  Know that whatever transpired is in fact such - the past.  Move with conviction and clarity knowing what you see beyond what is seen is your greatest asset in moving towards creating an environment of peace, productivity and unconditional love.




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