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In today's society often times we become very self absorbed in the study of me.  Let me provide a few brief examples.  When it comes to advancing your career, personal development, going back to school, finishing school, getting married or even starting a family.  Many of these decisions are based upon how a single person feels about the matter, with little to no input or consideration given to how someone else may benefit or create strife for those impacted directly or indirectly by your decisions.

I have been around people who have made life altering decisions solely based upon their own agendas.  Please know that I am not arguing that shouldn't be selfish.  However, I'm presenting the case that perhaps you should that you should take into account how your actions create opposite and equal reactions.  For ever action or decision there will always be a consequence.  As a father, husband, professional, friend, communicator and a believer; I believe that it is my responsibility and duty to fall on the side that promotes moving in a direction that allows the folks that I am most authentically connected to become the best version of themselves.  Your move has got to make the whole better and not just a part - teams win championships not individuals.

I see a very clear example of this in the biblical story of Mary and Elizabeth.  Both women were chosen by God to give birth to something that would be greater than the both of them.  Elizabeth would carry and give birth to John the Baptist and Mary would eventually give birth to Jesus the Christ.  Elizabeth's conception was a miracle because she was up there in age.  Mary's conception was scandalous because she was unmarried, a teenager and resided in a city that was unfavorable in the eyes of most Jewish believers.  Indeed, both woman were tasked with giving birth to something in the midst of ambiguous times.  

However, what I love about the scenario is that regardless of the context, they were still selected and given a chance to partake in an occurrence that would have multigenerational ramifications.  Here's the bottom line.  In order for Mary to birth Jesus and she needed to see what carrying a child with class and poise looked like, because Elizabeth was already 5 months pregnant.  Elizabeth needed to hear the voice of Mary because what spoke from down on the inside of Mary, caused the growing baby inside of Elizabeth to leap with joy. 

I believe the joy that Elizabeth felt in the moment was the momentum she needed to not become absent and lose confidence in what she was called to do.  Mary's dedication to travel 90 miles to reach Elizabeth illustrates for us that when you have been given task of overseeing something through, you need to get around people that can help you deliver what is being developed inside of you.

For every person carrying a passion, dream, idea, business or solution to a problem.  There is an Elizabeth waiting on your to arrive to affirm your not crazy.  But, also provide a living example of how you are to carry what's on the inside of you. 

Conversely, for every person out there that is already in the maturation process.  There is a Mary making their way towards you with a voice of encouragement, fear and excitement.  They will come to as a reminder to let you know that God has not forgotten about you either, because whatever God begins He has already completed.

Don't be afraid to get around people that speak to what is growing inside of you.  If you don't know what is planted within you, I challenge you to find your Mary or Elizabeth to help you push towards the predetermined destiny that has already been drawn up and designed just for you.

Peace & Blessings.


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