An Open Letter to God

Dear God,

When I consider the endeavor that you have placed before my family and I, I am absolutely fearful yet very excited at the same time.  When my wife and I entered into ministry almost eight years ago, we never imagined the ride would look like this.  The experiences we have gathered, the collection of ups and downs alone are enough to write a book on its own.  

We both know that is has been nothing short of your Sovereign Grace and Divine orchestrating that has delivered us to this point right here.  To provide a play by play of all the varying trials and challenges that we have encountered along the way would give to enemy more limelight that what is deserved.  I believe that it is more than sufficient to say that EVERYTHING we went through has been the ground work for what God is entrusted to us in this season.  For everything that came our way that we thought was going to break us, it only made us stronger.  For every no we received you were getting us prepared for the "Yes" that made every "No" worth it.  We have not been perfect towards you, but you have still been faithful towards us.  

Let's suffice it by saying that we are beyond grateful for this opportunity to be trusted with this vision and look forward to the journey that lies ahead that has already been chartered and etched out by you and you alone.  We hope we make your proud!!!

In Service,

Robert & Samantha Woods, Jayla & RJ


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